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As the founder of Mister Greek Meats in 1972, Louis came to Toronto from Greece as a 18 year old eager to work, learn, and integrate himself into his new country. Louis is the first person to walk in and the last to leave in order to ensure that no business and no customer is unsatisfied. He built his brand on honestly, kindness and customer satisfaction. The knowledge that Louis has for every product sold in his store is unprecedented and in his 50 years of doing business his experience from owning farms, a slaughterhouse, and Mister Greek Meats is unmatched. He understands what is valued in all livestock and his expertise has earned him a spot as a judge at the Royal Winter Fair for over 20 years.


Bill has the knowledge to always grow and expand the business from the office to the retail space. His natural calm and patient demeanor with the desire to please customers has embraced him into the community. Every day after school Bill would ensure his presence at Mister Greek, as to develop a keen sense of the customers, the personnel, the building and surround areas so he could build the brand to the best of his ability. Bill has done an impeccable job leading the company’s retail sector with recurring customers that are always greeted with readiness to answer any and all questions with knowledge that comes with years of experience and genuine love for his business.


From as far back as Nick can remember he has been part of Mister Greek Meats, as young boy he was by his dad’s side taking in all aspect of the business he could. As Nick grew up he began to assume one of the leadership positions to expand the business. His knowledge and skill have proven important as challenges and opportunities have arisen, and he is always focused on the highest quality product and service. He is also a part of the hospitality industry, together with his wife they have established themselves in the restaurant business with great locations such as The Wheat Sheaf Tavern, The Miller Tavern, Lost Love London, just to name a few.

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